KenKarta:Battle of the Onoxmon has just been honored by the  Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in the category of “Best First Book – Chapter Book”

“Will keep the reader up way past their normal bedtime.”

“Brimming with timeless appeal for fantasy lovers of all ages.” -The MidWest Book Review

“The perfect read for summer vacations.” -The National Writing for Children Center

Welcome to, I’m so glad you stopped by! If you are looking for a fantasy adventure aimed primarily at middle grade readers, ages 9-13, then you have come to the right place. This book and the world where it takes place were dreamt up by my daughters and me. I wrote KenKarta for and with them, and it is an experience I will never regret.

This world has got dragons and fairies alright, but there are plenty of other creatures you’ve never even heard of before. I mean just check out the creepy looking fellow above, that is a hobyah. And there are lots more where it came from. So, feel free to click around, you’ll see and learn all about the Land of KenKarta, the people and creatures who live there, and how they came to be.

-Alison Kartevold

In KenKarta, all are expected to develop their Gifts, especially if they’re a young Princess. Veronica and Sophia will grow to be incredibly Gifted– if they just live long enough. The Princesses can already talk to magical creatures and are learning to use Imperium Pieces, but their idyllic life in KenKarta is shattered when Lord Leamoldae returns from banishment looking for revenge. He wants the powerful Onoxmon. To gain it he traps the King and Queen and kidnaps Sophia. Now young Sophia must learn self reliance to stay alive, while Veronica, a stable boy named Zane, and an assortment of mythical creatures embark on a deadly quest to save her.  To stand against an army from the edge of the Abyss, cheetatarah, equidae, stable boy and Princesses alike will be forced to expand their Gifts to survive. Are you ready? The Battle of the Onoxmon draws dangerously near.