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Well, the website is up, www.kenkarta.com fb and twitter accounts are in place and the countdown has begun for the national launch of my first book on May 10th.  Now it’s time to get the word out.  No better way to do that than with a contest right?  So here’s your chance to WIN a FREE AUTOGRAPHED COPY of KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon  just by having friends!

Here’s how it will work:  1st) “Like” my author page on facebook  2nd) Tell all your friends to do the same plus leave a post saying that you told them to check out the site.  3rd) We’ll wait and count up how many mentions you get. Whoever gets the most by May 10th wins the book. Only then will I make a post asking the winner to email their mailing information to me through my website’s contact page. So, are you ready… to find out how many of your friends will help you win a book? Let’s find out!  Click the link to start– https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alison-Kartevold/173001032747602?sk=wall 

If you or someone you know has access to this week’s issue of Publishers Weekly be sure to find KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon inside the front cover of the March 28th edition. It is a featured title in the IBPA spring line-up there. Thousands responsible for buying books for stores or libraries subscribe, so we are hoping Les Polinko’s amazing cover art catches their eye.

Also starting today you can check out KenKarta on The National Writing for Children Center’s website. http://writingforchildrencenter.com/ The book is going to be featured on the site all month, while I will be a guest on Book Bites for Kids radio as well as doings a virtual book tour with some of their bloggers later in the month. I’ll let you know the dates and times when I get them.

Alright now starting posting!


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