Sneak Peek Preview of KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon is Huge Hit at LATFB

I want to extent a special thank you to all of you kids (and your parents) that I met at the LA Times Festival of Books at USC this past weekend. This was the first book fair I had ever participated in, and I just have to say, “WOW, what a great way to begin!” KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon will be released nationally on May 10th, so this was the first chance I had to mingle with a large group of kids who had no previous knowledge of the book or me. Imagine my joy to watch your young eyes light up when you saw the book’s artwork splashed across banners and then have you insist on learning more. You’d listen intently while I explained KenKarta’s main plot line and back story, then ask for a copy of your own or at times simply run away. The first time this happened I was admittedly puzzled, but my bewilderment didn’t last long. For as I sat wondering what prompted your quick exit, again and again, you would then return moments or sometimes even hours later with a parent in tow begging them for your own copy to take home. As the author, I don’t know if there can be a greater thrill or compliment than to see the audience your work was meant for respond in such an over whelming positive fashion. It was a real thrill and honor to spend two full days visiting with each of you. Together you now make up the new ground level fan base of KenKarta, and your inquisitive questions and excitement about this new world gives me great hope for the book’s future. With fans like you I’m sure our adventures have just begun. Thank you for being with me from this, the very beginning!

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