KenKarta’s world of Tiers is inhabited by many mythical and magical creatures. Some are good and some are downright evil. Take the hobyah pictured above in the center of the page for example. He was developed from a story the girls’ great-grandmother use to read to their dad.

Les Polinko is an incredibly talented artist who loves all things fantasy. She used her artistic Gifts to help bridge the gap between our imaginations and yours. She worked from Alison’s descriptions and rough sketches I had made while writing. The collaborative process of was one of give, take and discovery.

Kabukabas are the largest land animal on Virtier. Sophia created them one night at the dinner table. While eating salad Sophia began making exaggerated chewing motions. I asked her what in the world she was suppose to be and after pausing for a moment she said “I’m a kabukaba.” She then went on to describe the creature you see here. They look a bit like a dinosaur, but have visible ears and hair.

Bella the unucornubelluacomis first came to life when Veronica was in the fifth grade. In art class she was instructed to sculpt a mythical creature. When she brought home the dewy eyed, one horned gentle giant with the bright yellow skin of a frog and green tail of a serpent I knew it had to go into the book. Les’s interpretation and Veronica’s original vision were then combined to come up with the version of Bella that appears in the book.