Did you know…

Many of the characters in KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon have alter egos here on earth.

Many of the names and terms found in KenKarta’s world of Tiers are rooted in Latin or Norwegian.

The chair the author and her daughters are seen sitting in on the pages of this website is mentioned in the book. Hint: it is Scoobee and Scooby’s favorite place to nap.

The Pinnacle sun that represents the kingdom of KenKarta was taken from a design Alison painted on a plate that sits on their kitchen counter.

The descriptions of the Mitigo Plains and Palousoa located on Virtier came from two very large surreal paintings that hang in Alison’s living room.

The word Alistone use to just be a nickname given to Alison at her first job as a journalist. Then it became the name of her production company. In the world of Tiers, an Alistone is an Imperium Piece placed at the top of an Arch to make it operate.

Sophia made up the word Kaboukaba while chewing salad at the dinner table.

Veronica sculpted the creature that became Bella in her 5th grade art class.