I very much enjoyed The Battle of Onoxmon and look forward to the sequel. The novel encompassed all of the classic elements of fantasy fiction: imaginative settings, mystical creatures, heroes, villains, enchanted objects, epic battles, and the struggle and triumph of good over evil. The distinguishing feature was a loving family! The addition of a map to guide us to the many places in the novel and the glossary of terms were important additions for the young reader’s understanding of the novel. They were very useful to help immerse me into the magical world of KenKarta.

I am looking forward to sharing the novel with my students. There are many elements to discuss in a Lit Circle. I am always looking for novels with strong female characters in powerful roles. Veronica has the courage, strength, intellect and ability to triumph. She can harness her power and also can help Sophia believe in herself…to TRY! Books can empower the reader, enlighten the reader, as well as entertain. There are many lessons to be learned in this novel.

-Meg Owens, School Librarian, grades 4th-6th

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KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon is an endearing children’s novel that encompasses two children’s fantasies and fears into an exciting family drama.  An intimate bedtime story has been developed into an adventurous tale of a royal family battling evil forces in a make-believe world where dragons, mythical creatures, and futuristic transport abound.  The queen and king of the family become separated from their two daughters, the princesses, while trying to prevent evil forces from taking over their kingdom in the human world.  The youngest princess is kidnapped for ransom and held in an evil realm, and the older princess becomes the rescuer.  During this time, the older princess finds her inner strength as she heads toward adulthood.  The younger princess learns to overcome her fears and finds that she is stronger than she believed.  They both realize the strength and importance of their relationship, and the powerful bond they have with their parents.

The issues the girls contend with are being separated from family members, overcoming childhood fears, not giving up, growing up, and becoming independent.  The positive lessons gleaned are the true goodness of humans, the triumph of good over evil, and the unwavering strength of family bonds.  The vivid images painted in the story are creative, colorful, and convincing.  This touching story left me eager for the film version to bring the drama to life.  Isn’t it every little girl’s dream to be a real princess and to play with fairies, with mom and dad being the queen and king of everything? With it’s battles, weaponry, and villains, the story will appeal to a wide variety of children.

–Cristi Parks Dewitt, Education Support Professional

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