“When I was reading KenKarta, I was hooked. I loved the beautiful drawings, the new creatures that I’ve never seen before lurking in the pages. It’s THE best book I’ve ever read!!!”

— Sneha Hoysala, age 12


I love it, love it, love it! … I had been reading Inkheart, but I liked KenKarta a lot better.”

–Gabrielle age, 13 


“Do you like fantasy, magic, and adventure? Well, if you do then I would
strongly recommend the book KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon. This well
written novel would be perfect for kids ages ten to thirteen. KenKarta:
Battle of the Onoxmon is written by Alison Kartevold. This is a fantasy
novel you will definitely need to read!

This book is about a royal family. A queen, king and princesses. The book is
mainly based on the two princesses named Sophia and Veronica. One chilly
night, a scaly dragon with a nasty master kidnaps eight year old Sophia! So
eleven year old Veronica, a boy named Zane, and some magical animals go on a
daring quest to rescue her! You get walked through this magical tale by a
very interesting narrator.

KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon is a phenomenal book that will always be a
favorite in my family! It feels like Alison Kartevold’s words were written
by a magic pen in the living room of the palace where the royal family
lives. I also must compliment the illustrations. They looked exactly as
Alison Kartevold described them in the novel. KenKarta: Battle of the
Onoxmon is the full package! ”        

–Olivia Nagel,  Age 12


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Hi Ms. Kartevold! 

Mrs. Owens allowed me to read your book and I absolutely loved it.  It was seriously one of the best books I have EVER read.  It’s extremely cool reading a book when you have seen the person who was one of the main characters (I kind of know Sophia, your daughter).  Thank you so much for writing this book because it’s one of those stories that you’ll want to buy and read again and again.

Thanks again!

–Angela Roberts,  sixth grader



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KenKarta is a wonderful book.Yorgide makes you want to read more of the book. Even though Yorgide tells you a lot he does not tell you all the things that you want to know.  He tells you all that you need to know.  The story of KenKarta is a story that makes you want to believe that there is another world. Everything in the book seems so real.  Most of the mythical animals resemble regular animals.  I really liked the story of KenKarta and can’t wait for the next book.   

Thank you,

–Madelena age 8


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