“A handful of black-and-white drawings illustrate this fantastic adventure especially recommended for young adults, yet brimming with timeless appeal for fantasy lovers of all ages.”
-The MidWest Book Review

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KenKarta “will keep the reader up way past their normal bedtime…  A young reader would be enchanted and enthralled to be admitted into this magical place.”                          -MyShelf.com

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  “A fun fantasy adventure for young readers.”  –Kidsbookshelf.com

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 “Although KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon was written for tweens, fantasy lovers of all ages will enjoy this magical adventure written by award-winning journalist Alison Kartevold. The story was created for Kartevold’s own daughters and features the two young princesses of KenKarta, Veronica and Sophia, who were born with great gifts. The royal family’s happy life is soon shattered when Lord Leamoldae returns seeking revenge and the powerful Onoxmon. He traps the King and Queen and kidnaps Princess Sophia, who has to rely on her gifts to survive. Meanwhile, Princess Veronica, a stable boy named Zane, and many mystical creatures set out to save her!
It’s nice to see a fantasy adventure story like this where girls are the main characters and they must rely on their own unique gifts rather than wait for a charming prince to come rescue them.
Young readers will enjoy visiting the author’s website after reading the book to find out how real life events, creatures, and objects were the inspiration for characters, objects, and events in the story. The book is available in hardcover, but the Kindle version makes it the perfect read for summer vacations.

-June 1, 2011 by The National Writing for Children Center                                                                                                                                                         Filed under Book Reviews
Reviewed by Suzanne Lieurance

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